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Living strong, peacefully, and stress-free is the way to be!

With current world events, like the Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter protests, and other things that are unfair, there are plenty of topics that can prompt us to feel angry, scared, frustrated, or hopeless. “Turn to God” has been seen as band-aid advice for years and years, so much so that maybe it has lost some of it’s meaning.

However, I know that there are plenty of meanings when it comes to God Almighty! He is 100% the reason for everything that we are going though, the good and the bad. Don’t ask me why – God has his own reasons. But, it is not hard to see why awful things happen- it’s because there are awful people in the world. Are you one of them?

It’s fair to be outraged about people being killed… or if you’re mad that someone hurt your feelings or didn’t do what you wanted them to do. But don’t allow that to dominate your thoughts, actions, behaviors. You have to be stronger than that.

God wants you to be stronger than that.

You are stronger than that.

It takes strength to be outraged and still have a gentle word for someone you love. It’s a sign of strength to know that people are jerks and still look in the mirror and say “I like THIS about myself. I am fair, I am smart, I have good ideas.”

Yes it is simple to be strong and that’s the point. What’s hard is staying in that strong frame of mind. A lot of people are displaying mass amounts of courage lately – healthcare workers, emergency responders, and protesters are all risking their lives, in different ways. If you need inspiration, real-world examples are all around us.

Also, don’t look down on yourself for not showing your strength as others do. And don’t look down on others for not being as outraged as you feel. We all have our own walks in life. Are you looking at your road or someone elses? 🙂

Everything that I write is supported by The Creator of the solar system, and is backed by the love of Jesus Christ.

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P.S – I do still think that “Turn to God” is legit advice right now. If you need some kindness, why not read about Jesus’ adventures in the New Testament? He is SO KIND. Amen!

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