There’s no other food like a tomato. They are popular and can be found in so many dishes. Even people who don’t like tomatoes usually will eat them in some way, shape or form (ketchup, probably).

When it comes to tomatoes, fresh is best. However, there are some flavors that can only be reached with the use of sun-dried tomatoes.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Although the name implies that sun-dried tomatoes would be a dry food, the best variety to actually purchase are the semi-moist ones. By using these, you’ll save time by not having to soak them in oil prior to using them (which is how dry sun-dried tomatoes are prepared before consuming). Be sure to read the package before purchasing… there are usually several varieties with different herbs and spices available. You want to make sure you are getting the kind you want or else your recipe may turn out different than intended.

There are also sun-dried tomatoes that come already packed/marinated in oil. They’re best used in a salad or other dish where preparation is minimal.

Fresh Tomatoes

There are over 20 different varieties of tomatoes. It would be redundant and boring to list them all here. Instead, here are the top 4 tomatoes that you are likely to find in the grocery store:

Grape Tomato

The size of a green grape. They can be served whole, which makes their preparation as easy as wash and go.

Cherry Tomato

They’re slightly larger than a cherry. Usually sold on the vine ( check mark) According to Dr. Sebi, these are the best tomatoes to eat.

Roma Tomato

Also called plum tomatoes. They’re the shape of an egg. They are also the least nutritionally dense tomato. BUT Roma’s are also the cheapest and if you’re trying to eat fresh on a budget then go for it. They’re still better than canned tomatoes*.

Big Tomatoes

These are the globe, heirloom and beefsteak tomatoes. If you buy these for a salad then you’re going to be doing a lot of chopping.

Big tomatoes are best used for serving stuffed with something else. How you get them ready to stuff to remove the guts and sprinkle with salt to let them drain then rinse and stuff with whatever you want. Keep it raw, though. If you want something stuffed and baked, try bell peppers.

Honorable mention to the standard-sized tomato. You know the one, it’s always appropriate. If you plan on slicing/serving circle slices of tomatoes, this is the one to use.

*Canned tomatoes are an insult to your body and taste buds and should be avoided. Use your discretion when it comes to tomato paste. Jars are okay though.


jars of tomatoes
What would you make with all of these?





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