The original idea for this essay covered only cantaloupes and honeydew melons. There was a back and forth battle about whether or not to include watermelons, seeing as they are a little different.

In my biased opinion, seeded watermelons reign supreme over all others.

All melons mentioned in this body of work share the similarity of having a high water content and an abundance of seeds. That’s why they are perfect for eating in the summer time! The flavor of the melon depends on the variety that you’re getting.

They are usually affordable too, especially when bought in season. Cantaloupes can be found abundantly in most pre-made fruit salads. Honeydews also, just to a lesser degree. Are you cool with that?

If you’re buying cantaloupes, follow the smell. You will not have to hunt to find a ripe cantaloupe, the fragrance will find your nose.

If you’re buying a honeydew, buy one that is blemish free with no soft spots.

If you’re buying a watermelon, get one with seeds. Among other things, the ones with seeds usually tend to be the sweetest. Also, if you’re looking for a sweet watermelon, get one with a yellow patch on it so you can kind of see how it sat in the dirt for a while as it grew.

Watermelons are so cool. Such a big fruit filled with water and it all comes from 1 seed.

Nice yellow patch on this one. Yes, it was sweet.


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