Look at the corn! Only a fool would buy corn without looking at it.

I hope no one is offended by that statement. We all play the fool sometimes but you have to look at the fresh corn cob so you know what you are getting. You don’t want to get rotten kernels or accidentally bring home the worms that live in corn silks. Blessed are the grocery stores that have trash bins next to the corn because removing the hull and leaving it in the past is the way to go.

What To Look For:

Corn that looks healthy. It really is that simple. You want the color of the variety you’ve chosen to be a pretty color with no gray parts. The kernels should be plump and not wrinkly at all.

One thought on “Corn

  1. Great well written good information. I feel i have an edge to shop for good corn. i can hope that guidance is available about foods as clearly as the explanation about buying healthy corn. This is my first visit but you can bet heavily this will not be my last

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