Easy Light Source: Candles + video

There’s no doubt about candles and their qualification as an easy light source 🙂 Candles are an easy source of literal light… they also lighten up an environment with the fire element that they bring when used. There are tons of candles in the market now. To list a few: Pillar candles Tea light candlesContinue reading “Easy Light Source: Candles + video”

Shea Butter Review [video]

Never has there been a shea butter as buttery as this one. At least, not in my experience. However it’s that experience that allows me to truly appreciate what Fragrance and Beyond has provided to the welcome market. Other shea butters carry the name but in appearance they can be hard, drier, and possibly crumbly.Continue reading “Shea Butter Review [video]“

What are those?! [It’s taro root!]

Taro root vegetables are not in the popular vegetable category in my part of the USA. Which is why when I saw them, I had to grab some. Taro are brown root vegetables. They’re small, about the size of a golf ball. I scooped up a couple of handfuls and added them to my shoppingContinue reading “What are those?! [It’s taro root!]”

Can herbs be used in place of drugs?

Mother Nature provides us with what we need, yeah? Earth foods for nourishment, springs for fresh water, trees for oxygen, sunlight for inspiration. Among those natural resources, herbs are also available to encourage natural healing. As the world changes, our needs change because the things that we consume have also changed. Food, for example, isContinue reading “Can herbs be used in place of drugs?”

Sunshine Good Energy Drink – Review

When there are not enough hours in the day, usually ‘getting enough sleep” falls lower and lower on the to-do list. Dragging through the day low on energy is not an option. You need a boost. The wonders of caffeine are widely known. The benefits are proven to work for what you need. So muchContinue reading “Sunshine Good Energy Drink – Review”