Mother Nature provides us with what we need, yeah?

Earth foods for nourishment, springs for fresh water, trees for oxygen, sunlight for inspiration.

Among those natural resources, herbs are also available to encourage natural healing.

As the world changes, our needs change because the things that we consume have also changed.

Food, for example, is no longer natural. Processed foods are added to our lives and it changes the climate that we live in, outside and inside.

Different ailments affect us now. Food is the cause of a lot of illnesses. Instead of herbs being a popular solution, laboratory-made pills are all the rage.

However, lab-made pills (and other substances) are used for good and bad.

Drugs, as they’re called, commonly are inspired by herbal substances. For example, morphine is from the opium poppy plant. And, if the substance did not come directly from a plant, the plant likely was a source of information for building drug compounds.

Without getting too science-y, I’d like to propose my theory.

Drugs are abused for a reason. We all know the reason.

What if there was a way to use herbs for the same reason? After all, if herbs are the inspiration for laboratory-made things, then the desired effects can quite possibly be found in plant compounds.

That would be nice; however my experience tells me there are reasons why drugs are drugs and herbs are seen as “alternative” medicine.

Before I start, it is important to state the main difference between herbs and drugs is that herbs are designed to HEAL the body. Drugs are largely there to mask symptoms.

So now that’s out of the way, where to begin?

First, there is a concern about the potency. Things made in a lab are stronger than herbs. Herbs include the medicinal properties and then they have plant matter too that the body also processes.

Lab-made substances are developed with more potent amounts of the medicinal stuff. Sure, there are fillers in the pills too but… It’s different. Most of those fillers are things that the body can’t process anyway.

What can be done in the body with one pill may need several herbs to have the same results.

I don’t feel qualified to speak as a medicine woman so for the remainder of this piece, I’ll be speaking from a recreational perspective.

My question is, can herbs be used in place of recreational drugs?

Once again, there are several things to consider :

  • Lab-made drugs are developed to hit certain places in the brain. It’s almost like a puzzle piece, the way it fits in. It’s hard for herbs to compete with that because they come from a seed, not a test tube.
  • As stated, what can be done with one pill often needs more herbs for the same results. For example, one painkiller pill can be used to treat pain in different areas of the body. For pain killing with herbs, the herb used sometimes depends on the source of the pain being experienced (where it hurts).
  • Several herbs may need to be used to hit all of the points that one lab-made pill can do.

Knowing these things, herbs are still better/safer because the side effects and toll that it takes on the body are not nearly as bad as prescription drugs. Partially, because the potency is reduced.

For many or most of us on the recreational side, the potency is a major key.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

Again, these thoughts are based on my personal experiences.

Remember in the introduction, I mentioned how processed foods have changed the climate of our bodies? That has an effect on the potency of the herbs too.

A body filled with meat, fats, and inorganic substances is hard for herbs to navigate because its not a natural mix.

As I’ve become a healthier person, my body doesn’t have the levels of shitty stuff that people who eat meat and drink sodas have. I haven’t had fluoride in years either.

I think that’s why herbs have a stronger effect in my body.

That’s good news for others because, if I’m right, that means that the you too can experience buzzed effects from herbs.

The catch is that your body has to be a certain level of “clean”. That includes your mind too. If you’re into the Easy Light Sources, you’re on the right path for this 😉

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