Never has there been a shea butter as buttery as this one. At least, not in my experience. However it’s that experience that allows me to truly appreciate what Fragrance and Beyond has provided to the welcome market.

Other shea butters carry the name but in appearance they can be hard, drier, and possibly crumbly. Unprocessed white shea butter will fit that description and that is not what we have here.

What we have here is shea butter that is finally able to be compared to actual butter. Not the butter straight out of the fridge; this is the soft butter that can be found in a traditional butter bell. It spreads and melts perfectly on bread.

This kind of shea butter spreads gracefully onto your skin. Smoothness. The natural scents only add to the experience of the senses.

The two shea butters I received were in two flavors: morenga and cacao. They’re both luxurious and carry health benefits in addition to the already nutrient-dense raw shea butter.

It comes as no surprise that such quality products come from a company with a valuable message.

We are all beautiful and Go Fragrance and Beyond promotes equal beauty for all. True beauty is found on the inside of who you are.

Officially speaking, it is safe to say that Go Fragrance and Beyond shea butter (and body scrub) is an Easy Light Source.

Not only is it an easy way to take care of your appearance; Using these products promoted warm feelings of love and self-care within me as I indulged in them.

Recommended for everyone 🙂

For more information or to place an order email EasyLightSources@gmail or contact Go Fragrance and Beyond on their Facebook page.

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