There’s no doubt about candles and their qualification as an easy light source 🙂

Candles are an easy source of literal light… they also lighten up an environment with the fire element that they bring when used.

There are tons of candles in the market now. To list a few:

  • Pillar candles
  • Tea light candles
  • Taper candles
  • Jar candles
  • Jar candles with a lid
  • Scented candles
  • Kwanzaa candles
  • Votive candles
  • 7-day candles
  • Alter candles
  • Chime candles
  • Birthday candles

& Candle Holders come in 10 times the variety!

If I were to go into detail on all these candles we’d be here all day!

So let’s save time by talking about the best ones for multi-purpose.

[In the order smallest to largest…..]

Tea Lights

These baby candles don’t get any smaller than these. If you’re feeling fancy, they’ll gently float in the water of a soothing bath.

For more practical use, they’re great when candle time is limited to two hours or less. They also burn nicely in domed candle holders.

These are good if you like to burn a lot of candles at one time.

Tea Lights can be found in different scents and the colors available usually match the season – Just like the other candles available. They also make a great house warming gift.

(These are my favorite!)

Votive candles naturally burn for the perfect amount of time; long enough to enjoy the energy for the evening but they’ll be burned out by bedtime.

As they burn, the scent of the candle shares itself with the room as the wax melts and spreads.

That brings us to the not so pleasant aspect of votive candles – the wax.

A candle holder is definitely required regardless of the surface beneath. (Although burning on a large mirror table-type surface is pretty (for a dramatic effect)

Another best thing is that votives can generally fit the same domed candle holders as tea lights – you can get more time time using votives.

Sometimes candles can also carry positive vibrations and affirmations with scents (aromatherapy) and also with words. You can find both in the lovely candles below:

Those are available for sell here: Candles and Incense.
Jar Candles

Jar candles are universal because:

  • Longer burn time (At least 24 hours, depending on the size)
  • It is a contained container – huge plus. No need to worry about melted wax unless you have to move the candle.
  • If moving the candle is required, be careful because the glass will get hot.

Jar Candles with Lid

Jar candles with lids are necessary if you plan on extinguishing the candle to burn the rest later. That’s because some candles really stink when they’re blown out.

Having a lid makes it handy to block the scent as soon as you can after blowing it out.

♠Honorable mention to soy candles and beeswax candles, which are supposed to be better for the environment.

What are your favorite kind of candles to burn? Leave a comment below and let us know 🙂

Let the gold heal and inspire you!

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