Your SouthSide Community Paper

Media of the Nat Turner Library, Drewryville, VA 23844



Thank you for taking the time to read this section of “The Southside Community Paper.”

Since this is the Number One , it is customary to state a purpose for the paper this edition so:

This will be the 6th journal I have edited over 40 years of publishing. I must say, my primary reason for this one is the same as it was for the first; that is to be a voice for the Black Community. They have a voice but it is rarely heard because there is not an organ to amplify it.

It is Sunday, July 15, maybe 5. Maybe my brother Louis’ birthday. What is a normal Sunday? What was a normal Sunday in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, this century? They were all different in some way. But they were also common in one way: A day when I reflected on or put aside regular routines to devote to prayer or visiting special places only to wind up back at a special place.

In the 1970’s, I may visit Morningside Park… Smoke a joint, exercise, meditate & pray, then re-commit myself to stay on the course that spiritually got me to where I am today. A good place, but not as tranquil as it was returning to my big, oversized apartment at 189 w. 136th street in Harlem. Life was good and meaningful.

In all of the most merciful, most gracious, name of the Creator of ALL persons, places, & things. All praise to Thee for blessing me to be within thy grace at this time, in this place, in my present state of mind.

In this state of mind I am upright to He who originated me but I have been unjust to myself & others as I have not mastered the Laws of MA’AT, the Law of Creation. I’ve made mistakes, so I humbly seek refuge in thee from all my errors & excess mistakes in the state of Amin: the state in which I was created within as a Divine Being.

On this day & forever I will be more mindful in the execution of my words, my acts, as well as my deeds: The Will be uttered as the Divine Being that I am created to be as I take care of my duties & my responsibilities to my children, to my grandchildren, to my future mate, & also to those who meditate at the hour of 8.

On This Day, Bless our intentions, Bless those who are with us & Bless others coming into our experiences at all times, in whatever places – not as we will but surely only if our will is harmonious to thou will & purpose for the tremendous, marvelous, gregarious, glorious, Creator thou has brought into manifestation. Thou know what is in our heart & what is in our minds: Bless  our collective as well as our individual minds that perchance Thou have found us worthy to receive blessings thou has reserved for those who love Thou with our whole heart & strive to do right & reject wrong – ON THIS DAY & ALWAYS.

In all the most beautiful, profound, caring, sharing, & merciful names. Amin.






Thanks Dad, for this lovely contribution to Easy Light Sources.


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