Peace you guys! I was honored to be a part of the 4th annual AgriBusiness Summit that occurred at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The AgriBusiness Summit was a fantastic place to meet other-worldly Black people for the purpose of working together.

Unity is peace and love.

There were international attendees from Haiti, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Spain, Mozambique, India, China and more!

There were also representatives from Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and of course New York!

A wealth of knowledge was shared amongst many including youth, old friends, other authors, international business owners, global politicians, and people following their dreams and really building what they believe in – agriculturally and otherwise 🙂

Cheers to all of the connections made with genuine people.

Big shout-out to Mr. Geoffrey Atkins for reaching out and bringing me into so many opportunities. Peace and Love!

It was an honor being at the AgriBusiness Summit and it was even sweeter because of all the support and encouragement that me and Easy Light Sources received.

And also on the business side of things, I sold every book that I brought into the U.N. that is so awesome! – That’s peace and love.

Unity is beautiful.

I won’t get sentimental but I will say that it is refreshing to be within a community of individuals who have real goals for the future, specifically uplifting the international community.

If everyone does what they say they will do then we are off to a great jump-start on relationship building and real transformation on a global scale! There are so many possibilities!

I am soooo excited about re-connecting! Very special peace and love to everyone that attended! 💛

For a wider perspective on the Summit, tune into the Easy Light Sources Radio show below ⬇️ The special guest is a well-read brother who also attended the summit! (Skip to about 20minutes in)

Nat Turner Library – Easy Light Sources with Nadirah

And also, Thanks Geremy! Your conversational consultation this weekend has been paramount in widening my global perspective.



This micro-garden was also awesome with veggies and herbs growing ⬇️

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