A plant-based life is easier to maintain when you have an abundance of these 7 things!

1. Friends!

Having friends makes everything easier. Vegan friends are A1 but anyone who has your best interests at heart will make it easier to be yourself.

2. Cooking Skills

Cooking is an invaluable skill that has numerous benefits throughout a lifetime. Fear of failure keeps a lot of folks from starting but don’t be afraid. The more you do it, the better you’ll get!

3. Sleep

When we’re under rested, there is the unfortunate tendency to eat more snacks and junk food. Your will power is stronger when you have had a solid night of sleep.

4. Water!

For similar reasons as above, when you’re well hydrated, your thoughts have clarity. Being hydrated also means you’re less likely to over eat or drink sugary drinks.

5. Fresh Foods

Sure, a person could survive on canned veggies but what kind of life would that be??

6. Strength & Discernment

It takes strength to say no to something but it’s not that hard. At the same time, keep the power discernment when it comes to choosing what to eat/what not to eat. Your diet is your diet so stay real to yourself!

7. Ingredient lists!

After all, how will we know what’s in all the yummy vegan junk foods?? 🙂

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