Hey you guys. I received some free samples of Arbonne nutrition products to try and here’s what I think about them!

A little about Arbonne: they are a company that produces vegan products for nutrition and also skin care! I received some samples from a Arbonne representative, Kristin – you can support her online store here!  Follow her on IG for a 20% off discount too!

So without further ado, here’s a run down of the products with a screenshot of ingredients that I found on the Arbonne website.

Arbonne Essentials – BODY CLEANSE

This body cleanse is for the inside of your body. One packet creates 32 ounces of body cleanse.

The flavor, Lemon Ginger, is tasty. Not very sweet and it does down easy. I drank the entire thing in about 16 hours.

How did I feel? Well, first let me set the stage: at the time that I drank this, my body was not at top health. An excess of refined sugar and other junk foods had me feeling really low and my immune system was weak. Now, that being said, a body cleanse really appealed to me to get me back right.

How did this cleanse work for me? It worked well! Within an hour of drinking some, I was coughing up some nasty stuff lol. But then the next morning, I woke up feeling a lot better.

But yes, my body liked the body cleanse! So it gets a thumbs up 👍👍


This one has probiotics to help with digestion.

The taste is pretty bland. But, that’s actually a good thing because that means it doesn’t have excess sugars in it. So that’s a win!

How did it help me with the digestion? I didn’t really feel a difference but I think regular use would be beneficial.


The Fizz sticks really are fizzy!

These gave me a nice boost of energy! The caffeine content is less than most energy supplements, which I liked. The energy gained was nice and smooth with no jittery feelings.


I really enjoyed the cherry lime flavor, it was really yummy!

There may have been some clarity gained from these. I took a nap shortly after I consumed this. When I woke up, I felt pretty clear headed and was able to get more work done.


These protein bars are thick and filling. You can definitely taste the protein in them – they are a little dry. I do like how ground apple is listed in the ingredients!

As far as snacks go, I much preferred the chews.


I believe the flavors here are chocolate and lemon. I found them to be really tasty and satisfying! And not too sweet.


It’s impossible to tell how boosted my immune system is from these but the ingredients are really supportive of health!

The flavor was really good, like a nice treat.


These smell really good! I tried these on my arms and I believe they did feel noticeably smoother afterwards.


Unfortunately, the Arbonne mascara was not very agreeable to my sensitive eyes.

Although I have to say I liked how it looked on my eyelashes!

Okay, that concludes this review!

Over all, I do recommend Arbonne products, they are fun to use and made with natural ingredients.

If you want to try some for yourself, reach out to Kristin & Follow her on IG for a 20% off discount too!

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