** There is a bullet-point summary at the end of this article :)**

A fresh start is a powerfully appealing idea from many angles. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your life – any smaller area can use a refresh too.

It all starts with an idea in your mind. Think about it and consider (from all angles) the changes that you want to bring about.

Once it’s solid in your mind, you have begun manifesting a personal evolution.

This article will discuss the necessary steps to lasting transformation.

1. Start With A Personal Manifesto

Considering the manifestation definition in the picture above, a manifesto is a written declaration of what you plan to make happen in your life.

Writing it out is the only way to start – it is a visual reminder and will help you to stay on track. After all, you want to manifest your desires…

That is, you want to bring it into reality. Writing it down is a great first start as you will be able to see the words on paper.

You can manifest:

  • A new beginning
  • A better attitude
  • Different employment
  • New or improved skills and talents
  • Friends and relationships
  • Etc

The above list of examples is drafted to uncloud any judgments that could be present.

Controlled evolution starts with having a goal in mind. Uncontrolled evolution can cause your life to be counter-productive.

This article is about a new beginning via transformation. Getting to your next level starts with a solid idea and goal.

2. A fresh start – in any area – comes down to your willpower.

You have the power to transform.

A transformation definition is to go from one form to another, completely. Whatever you transformed will look different than it was before.

Is it deeper than waking up saying “I change my mind”? For people with a strong willpower, it will be that easy.

For most people, daily reminders will be needed – such as reading your personal manifesto frequently. Do what you need to do to control your thoughts. Only think of what you want to happen. Change the way you see things.

Lasting change (that goes from a new beginning to a different life) requires adherence to to the transformation rules:

  1. Have a goal for your next level.
  2. Release emotions that are attached to your old ways.
  3. Work toward your transformative goals.
  4. Work toward your transformative goals.
  5. Work toward your transformative goals.
  6. Think on a higher level (Think as though you’ve already transformed).
  7. Do not go back to your old ways.
  8. Celebrate every single step of your transformation.

Now, what about transformational leadership?

Take a look around the internet. Dozens upon dozens of people are starting coaching businesses and promote themselves as gurus and leaders of every field you can think of.

These are outer sources of motivation. They’ll motivate, sure. And they’ll encourage, support, and possibly feel like a friend if that’s what you need.

But, true transformational leadership comes from within you. That is, be your own transformative leader.

You will be much better off when you’re able to motivate yourself.

Let your goals guide you. Only you know your reasons for why you need to evolve. Trust yourself more and believe in yourself.

Depending on someone else to “get you going” is a set up for failure.

Here’s a SUMMARY:

  • True transformation starts with believing that you can manifest what you desire.
  • Write down your goals into a personal manifesto.
  • Refer back to your personal manifesto often.
  • Strengthen your will power to work toward your goals every day.
  • Release old emotions attached to your past thoughts and behavior.
  • Tune your thoughts to your evolved level.
  • Never backslide.
  • Be your own transformational leader.

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