Given the popularity of caffeine, it’s no surprise that a zero calorie option would be desired! Sparkling water infused with Caffeine fills that void.I picked up a can to try, and then I noticed that there were many options available:I think it’s weird, but the irony here is that I’m so sleepy right now, I’d gulp one of these down immediately. I did try one the other day, a black cherry flavor:It actually tasted pretty good. The black cherry flavor was so tasty that I didn’t even miss the sugar.Now, let’s get real about what matters: the energy boosting powers.How was it as a pick-me-up?It worked! I actually did receive a boost in energy from consuming this can. It was steady and long lasting energy. Mission accomplished!Be sure to drink some pure water too, though. Speaking water is fun but it’s not the most hydrating, unfortunately.

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