Shopping for snacks in Food Lion, I came across a big bunch of Wicked Crisp chips. Knowing me, I picked out the non-dairy ones and thought I would be getting a gourmet version of veggie chips.

With a name like Wicked Crisps, I assumed that there would be BOLD flavors happening in this bag. I also assumed it would be crispy like chips ought to be.

I was wrong, on both accounts. The texture first – hard and plastic-y. Maybe some people like thick and hard chips but I am not that person.

With these sturdy chips, there’s no chance they’d break off into a dip.

Both bags that I purchased – Spring Vegetable Medley and Red Curry Hummus – had this same kind of chip: thick, sturdy, dry.

The main difference would be the flavor. Take a look at this Spring Vegetable Crisp:

There was not one shake of seasoning on these things. They were dry and largely flavorless. We decided they’d be better with soup. But we were at the beach and we had no soup so we put these away and tried the Red Curry ones.

The Red Curry Chips were the same undesirable texture but they had a shake of seasoning and it was very tasty. BUT, it was also very LITE.

I enjoy a lot of seasoning with my food and snacks. These Red Curry Hummus Crisps were made for people who don’t like heavy seasonings.

I found myself mindlessly eating a lot of these chips just so I could get the flavor of the curry. That’s not a good thing.

What else can be said about these? Thank you for your offering, Wicked Crisps, but we’ll pass on em.

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