Finally, a chip after my own heart!

I won’t say it’s a first experience with RAP Snacks but it’s certainly the most memorable.

After the recent experience with Wicked Crisps, I was yearning for a flavorful experience. That’s where these RAP Snacks come into the light. Specifically –
Cardi B – JERK BBQ Chips and Lil Boosie’s Louisiana Heat.

These chips. These. Chips. THESE. CHIPS.

First up, I tried Cardi B’s. The bag has a caricature of her on the front and a real photo on the back. These chips are dairy-free!

They’re very good.

They’re a perfect combination of the light sweetness of jerk seasonings and a kick of heat with the BBQ flavor. They don’t hold back flavor at all, not even a little bit.

Job well done, seriously. Everyone else liked them too, even Legendary Khalifah liked them a little (he’s not crazy about spicy foods.)

Now, how about Lil Boosie’s Louisiana Heat chips?

These are what I would describe as a “slow heat”. They’re not in your face at first taste.

Legendary Khalifah even said “They’re not spicy.”
A few seconds later, he said:
“Wait. I need some water.”


The Louisiana Heat creeps up! They are very hot, in the best way possible. But not just hot, they also have great flavor.

Yeah, Lil Boosie’s chips have more heat than Cardio B’s and that’s okay. I am guaranteed to purchase both these again as I enjoy hot foods.

No whey or milk makes these a perfect choice for everyone who likes heat AND flavor.

If you don’t really like flavorful foods, these may not be for you. (Give them to me instead!)

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