Sweet Thai Chili Flavored Almonds Review

Nuts seem to be the go-to for a healthy, filling, and protein rich snack.

Sure, almonds have a flavor on their own but additional seasonings make them more satisfying to the taste.

I’ve never been a super big almond fan. But, Blue Diamond has been impressing me with the new flavored almonds they are rolling out. I tried and reviewed two flavors here (blueberry and wasabi & soy sauce). The day after that review went live, I came across this new flavor:

Now, here is a disclaimer: out of the 5 major flavor profiles, sweet and spicy is my favorite flavor combination! So, I was excited to try these.

Opening the package, they smelled as expected – a little spicy.

I was a little disappointed at the lack of seasoning on these babies:

Sure they look pretty but it’s super fine crystals.

The taste is also super fine.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a little sweet and a little spicy.

My main complaint here is that the flavor doesn’t linger.

If only the seasoning coated the almond, like it does on the Blueberry ones, these would be perfection!

As it stands, they’re just okay.

But, as a snack, they do have an addictive quality. I kept eating the almonds until they were all gone!

Conclusion: They are good! Would I repurchase? Probably, if there weren’t any other flavors available 🙂

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