Ginger Candies are known for one very important characteristic: providing heat and sweet flavor to the taste buds.

Some people like to keep ginger candies close by to ease a random upset stomach or to kill nausea. Ginger is good for stuff like that. Even though the candy contains sugar, it’ll probably still work well.

For pleasure, ginger candy is also popular. Some may even feel like they’re doing something healthy by consuming ginger candy.

Oh, before we move forward, let’s make a quick mention of candied ginger! If you’re really seeking a “healthy” ginger candy then candied ginger is what you want because the ginger pieces are less processed. (But, you know, all of this contains sugar so for the absolute healthiest form of ginger, just cut up a hand of ginger!)

Anyway, moving on to the review of Chimes Ginger Chews!

As the name implies, these are chewy, almost gummy, ginger candies. I purchased these Chimes at a 7-Eleven in Richmond, VA. They had 3 flavors – original, mango, and orange. I tried the Mango and original variety. They have about 10 candies per pack.

The Chimes original flavor is straight up sweet and spicy ginger. The spicy kick of ginger is not as pronounced as I would personally like. Compared to similar ginger chews, these are pretty mild.

I’d actually consider Chimes Ginger Chews to be pretty “family friendly”. There is no extreme heat here – just some warmth and a little spice.

The Mango flavor does taste like it has mango essence in it, however mango is not explicitly listed in the ingredients as “mango”.

The chews are enjoyable, sure. Just MILD.
If you like ginger candy but don’t like it too spicy, these will probably tickle your fancy.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. For $1.99, it’s a pretty good purchase for a group. This would be good for road trips and other things like that.

Update: apparently they also have a peanut butter ginger flavor and peppermint ginger flavor! Interesting! I that imagine peanut butter and ginger probably tastes kind of tasty…

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