First: throughout this article and beyond, I assume that everyone knows the power of positive thinking. Nothing will work if you’re having negative thoughts because negativity in the mind creates weakness. To be truly strong, resilience is a necessity.

Moving on…

Strength is seen as how much force something or someone can take without breaking.

Strength is also related to power.

I guess the difference between the two would be that power also refers to the influence that can be exerted while strength is how to deal with it.

Weakness is an indication that a person or object is not able to hold much power.

As it relates to a person – weakness, strength, and power are adjectives that can be accurate to your life experience or personality.

Obviously, we don’t want to be weak so I wanted to write this article to encourage a powerful awakening towards becoming a stronger person.

The secret is that anyone can do it, if they want to. It really comes down to how they feel about themselves, their belief, and resilience.

So now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s begin with the way to inner strength and power!

1. Build Yourself Up!

Low self-esteem is a real tragedy. It’s just not fair to feel like you’re not good enough.

A lot of times, we let comparisons to others overshadow what we know to be true about ourselves. When that happens, it is the trust in your own abilities that is a failure.

Truly building yourself up means that you’re trusting in what you know that you’re good at.

Everyone is born with natural talents. Those are the things that you can do at least moderately well without having to try really hard to have a good result.

You have to own up to your natural talents. Being humble is a public trait but in private, be super proud of yourself for everything that you can do well.

Build up a complementary relationship between your mind and your abilities.

After you have a basis of what it feels like to be proud of yourself, take it up another notch with step 2:

2. Accomplish Stuff

Remember what the stars said:

The goal is to continue to build on the things that you’re good at.

It’s not about picking an entire new genre of talents.

Go toward the talents that you’re already naturally inclined to.

Challenge yourself with things that you’re already good at. just, take it up another level.

This strengthens you as a person in several ways.

The obvious way is that you’ll be able to add another skill to your resume. You now have something else that you can be proud to be good at.

Mentally, this strengthens you as well. Don’t downplay your accomplishments because then, what would be the point?

3. Try New Things Fearlessly

Is it okay to not try things because of the fear of looking dumb?

No way!

If that’s the case, that’s an indication that you’re caring too much about what other people think.

If you can look dumb to yourself then that is an indication that you are lacking in self-respect.

We all do dumb stuff sometimes and that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking about trying something and not being good at it. That is an avoidable part of living a life that is worth living.

The weak trait is to enter new experiences with fear of what it’s going to be like.

The strong way to enter something new is with the knowledge that you’ll be fine either way.

The “I’ll be okay” attitude is powerful and it attracts good experiences to you. Instead of being too serious about what you look like, you can turn your focus onto what it is that you’re actually doing.

The fourth step will allow everything else to happen more seamlessly –

4. Relax!

Let go of some of the things that make you uptight.

The stress and seriousness of life is unavoidable because once you realize that some things really matter then you have to take it serious, such as the responsibility of living a certain quality of life.

That being said, if something is not having an effect on the quality of your life then release it.

Mentally loosening up is different for everyone, depending on what your hang-ups are.

The best advice I can give is to try to have a lighter outlook on everything that your looking at.

The ability of being light of heart is indeed a trait of strength.

5. Stick To Your Word

It is a form of self-respect to have enough control to do what you say you’re going to do.

The secret here is to only give your word on things that you are absolutely sure you can deliver. That way, the plans won’t fall through based on someone else’s actions (or lack there of.)

All of these tips will help anyone to have a better, stronger relationship with yourself.

In theory, we can do anything! We just have to believe that we can 🙂

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