Anxiety is a super stressful condition that many people experience daily.

Sure, anti-anxiety medication is available through a doctor but pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution to living anxiety-free. Those drugs don’t cure anxiety, they just numb your feelings and/or put you to sleep.

That’s cool in emergencies – for instance in the case of an anxiety attack / panic attack.

But, the healthiest way to rid yourself of overwhelming anxious feelings is to find a way to live a balanced life so that you can be majorly stress free on the daily!

After all, stress and anxiety are results of being wound up too tightly in your body and in your head.

Creative outlets (without perfectionism) are a healthy way to unwind and relax.

Just how herbs can help to relax you, and an anti-anxiety diet can encourage peaceful energy in your life, creative projects are a part of a balanced life.

Not convinced of the power of creativity? Don’t worry, we are about to cover that right now 🙂

Here are 5 ways that creative outlets can curb your anxiety:

1. Creativity give you something else to focus on.

Being able to adjust your mindset is a definite skill to have for anxiety and stress.

However, when it comes to long term, the benefits are greater because your mind has an increase of new thought energy.

It’s like this, really – anxiety and stress are the result of your thoughts. Thinking too much about what’s going wrong is bad energy for your mind.

Some stresses of life are unavoidable and you just have to deal with it. But that doesn’t mean that that entire situation has to replay in your mind over and over. That will drive you crazy!

Doing creative things that you enjoy gives your mind a break. Instead of thinking about what bills you have to pay, you can be thinking about what color to use next in your coloring book.

Give yourself permission to focus on something light-hearted ❤

2. Creativity is a Positive Use Of Energy.

When you need to unwind, there are a lot of things that can be used to distract yourself. For example – watching hours of drama videos on YouTube.

But, you know, you could also paint a picture while you watch that video. Then, when the video goes off, you will have something cool to show off.

That actually brings us to the next point:

3. You Can Create Something To Be Proud Of.

Sometimes, you can really do something that you like. You can create something that you admire.

It’s really not about being “good” at it. Don’t even try to be the best. The art and creativity will be much more enjoyable when you stop judging your skills and just do it.

We all see things that we think would be fun to try. Making objects with modeling clay can be fun for many because it’s just squeezing and mushing the clay around. It’s therapeutic.

Even if you just created a paperweight, you can paint it your favorite colors and it will be beautiful and pleasing.

4. Creative Pursuits Provide an Opportunity to Discover New Talents.

This is a big one!

Just trying something new is the only way to discover something enjoyable that you’re good at.

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes!

Being creative is more than just doing art work. Seriously! You have to get creative about what you want to try to do.

And then do it!

5. Creativity Allows You To Decompress.

Coming full circle, here we are!

After a long day or stressful time, you have to do something to get into “another mode”.

Sometimes when you’re tired, you don’t want to do anything physical and that’s fine, but

In those times that you have extra energy, I think it would be worth it to do something creative.

It’s really up to you to give it a try but by all means, give it a try 🙂

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