I had a moment where I couldn’t get what I wanted and it caused some reflection on my part.

The thing I wanted most was some delicious sweet and salty Popcorn from 7-Eleven. That shit is the bomb! I love it immensely.

Almost irrationally, maybe.

And, I couldn’t get any. I was in a weird location of North Carolina where there wasn’t a 7-Eleven convenience store. I wondered, was I being punished? Was I in a weird section of hell? Lol

Okay slight exaggeration – it wasn’t that bad. However, it was weird.

Anyway as I was driving, thinking about food, something caused me to think a little deeper about my go-to snack.

The sweet and salty combination is insanely delicious. Some may say addictive. I’m not an addictive person really (my issues are related to binge eating).

But I don’t want to minimize the fact that I was feeling like I had to have some sweet and salty Popcorn.

This popcorn. You guys, this popcorn is so perfect. A more perfect rendition of kettle popcorn does not exist. This is the perfect balance. Believe me, I’ve tried many different brands and 7-Eleven has the perfect recipe.

So yes, without even one doubt, it’s delicious.

Now, let’s talk for a moment about popcorn.

It’s generally looked at as a healthy snack due to the whole grain fiber.

And even unpopped kernels are sold, seasoned, at stores sometimes.

But, popcorn has some hard and pointy parts too. If it gets stuck in your teeth, that’s a real unpleasant experience for your gums.

So while I was craving and contemplating, I began wondering what those sharp edges do inside of my body.

As fiber, theoretically it would help to sweep the immune system of waste that may be a little stuck. That’s what fiber does.

But then what about when it’s a large amount of pointy fiber being ingested?

Another question is, how much do these popcorn shards digest in the stomach? Does it ever really break down?

I’m beginning to feel like this: until I have the answers to these questions, I may want to take it easy on the popcorn fiber.

Having it scrape it’s way down my intestines rubs me the wrong way. Lol.

Now, what about moderation?

As I said, I binge eat. Moderation doesn’t work so well.

What will work is to find a healthier food for the “sweet and salty” flavor. Popcorn is perfect in a lot of ways because it doesn’t have its own flavor. It’s neutral.

So, I need a neutral flavored alternative to popcorn that’s easier to digest. Any ideas?

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