hello there.

This piece about depression is attempting to be as least depressing as possible. Seriously, I put off writing this but it’s on my content calendar so I figured, why not keep my word by spreading the word.

If you’ve ever spent a moment searching for some type of depression test then I have some news for you – you may already be depressed. Don’t worry about though. Most people feel it at least every once in a while.

Just don’t live there.

I guess, that’s the whole point of this essay – to remind whoever is reading this that feeling depressed is just a feeling. It doesn’t have to be your identity or daily mood. If it turns into a personality trait then your quality of life and level of attractiveness is going to go down.

Signs of Depression

Stereotypical depression looks like sadness, inability to get out of bed, apathy…I think the biggest signs or symptoms of depression is pessimism:

  • Being negative about good news
  • Being negative about new ideas
  • Not taking steps to make life better
  • Negative thought patterns

Manic depression is when you have a lot of highs and lows in addition to the above.

Now, like I said, we all can get weighed down by certain parts of life, especially when it’s something important that is not going our way. If you can relate, check out this article on being more light-hearted. It will certainly help to alleviate some stress.

Rising Out Of Depression

Denying that you’re depressed and/or having a “that won’t work” attitude is a sure way to stay in the sad state that you’re in.

Seriously. Snap out of it.

The only way to stop living a depressed life is to take some responsibility for your mind. Stop being so negative about everything!

Also, something that helped me is to stop over thinking as well. I find that when I thought too deeply about something that happened, I’d find a way for my feelings to be hurt. That’s horrible. Don’t do that to yourself.

Now, before I end this essay, I do have some helpful suggestions to impart on you all, via this graphic:

Hopefully this article helps someone!

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