Typical protein bars have a distinct “protein” taste and texture.

I actually really like that taste!

Sometimes I have cravings for it.

But the dark side is that most protein in these bars and products is whey protein, which is a dairy product.

So, I was interested when I saw an OLLY BAR because they’re protein, but also dairy-free.

The protein in these come from soy.

So I see this OLLY BAR and I wonder, will it satisfy me?Because in addition to the taste, protein bars also appeal to me because they’re pretty filling.

Looking at the nutrition label, I see a few facts that I like – 12 grams of protein and 7 grams of sugar.The flavor – salted caramel and chocolate – also sounds tasty. I love chocolate, after all.

So, how does this measure up to my expectations?

Well, it was chocolatey and had a satisfying crunch.

It didn’t necessarily taste “protein-y” but it was somewhat filling.

This was about $1.99 at 7-Eleven. If you’re wondering if I’d purchase this again, I probably would. Actually, I’d be interested in trying a new flavor.Peanut butter would be good. Or vanilla.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a “throw in your purse for a rainy day” snack because it will melt and get messy.

When you buy this, eat it soon 🙂

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