It’s not even officially summertime yet and here I am with a summer cold and allergies.

Admittedly, I must say that I’ve had a worse cold before. This one just makes me feel extra tired and…. The heat is extra unbearable. Yesterday, I slept on the floor because it was in

the coolest room in the house.

Another weird symptom is that my ears are consistently in that “popped” stage. As in, swallowing or yawning does not make it go away.

What is going on, really?

I’ve been this way for about 2 days. Tuesday evening is when the sore throat came through.

Tuesday is also the day that I ate a horrible round of foods that were full of refined sugar, acidic stuff like coffee, and even some dairy.

I should have known better. My immune system is easily brought down by such things.

By far, yesterday was the worst day I’ve encountered. It was so bad, I don’t even remember yesterday. What I do remember is picking my son up from school and calling the secretary up to send him outside for me. (Usually we have to go inside the school to get him).

Today would be a nice day for a soothing, after school, popsicle. But the refined sugar they fill them with makes me wonder, is that the right choice? Will that help or hinder my healing journey?

Because, I don’t have a lot of time to be sick.

Tomorrow, there’s a field trip I have to drive 3 hours for.

And then this weekend there are people coming over I have to be present for.

I was going to do a bake sale but now I don’t feel up to hours of baking.

To end this on a note of optimism, I do feel pretty confident that tomorrow will be a better day. And that the healing will continue to go stronger and upwards.

And the way I’m feeling, I probably will get that popsicle. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be a real fruit option available at the store.

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