Coffee has been a love of mine from as long as I can remember.

But when I tried Red Bull, I feel like key perspectives in my life began to level up.

Red Bull is one of the Original Gangsters of the energy drink industry.

Having been an established company since 1984, it’s is very impressive that they have been able to stay on top of the game consistently for so long.

Looking through the history of their offerings and advertising, I’m pretty sure they’d sell out a master class in “how to evolve with the times.” And that is strictly speaking on their drinks. They’ve had a lot of other successes in the sports world, too!

But, getting back to what inspired this article – it is the formula of their drinks that I am most impressed with.

As you may or may not know, I am continuously on the lookout for a healthy energy drink.

Coffee is dehydrating too. That’s actually the worst part.

I just really like energy drinks. I also like being healthy. Energy drinks don’t exactly have the reputation of being healthy. As a matter of fact, people have died from consuming too many of the drinks in one day. However, that is irresponsible on behalf of the consumer and I don’t think the company has any responsibility on that aspect. After all, common sense would tell you that consuming three 16-oz energy drinks would be a bad idea.

One thing I like about Red Bull is the size of the drinks. Sure they have big canned beverages but it’s the smaller ones that they’re known for and I can appreciate that from a health standpoint (if nothing else).

So as I write this article with my immune system less than strong, I had a Red Bull and the experience was pretty great.

Drinking the Kiwi Apple flavor was a little intense at first because of the carbonation. Although I had muted senses, including wack taste buds. The carbonation also granted me the benefit of being able to taste the flavor.

Basically I can’t taste much flavors at this point so this post is for the rest of the Red Bull experience.

To put it simply: It was great! I got a steady boost of energy that was really balanced. It felt really natural.

Even better was that it didn’t require that I also drink a lot of water to balance it out.

I really, really enjoyed the Red Bull that I had today.

They are the old reliable for a reason. They’re the best!

Okay now I sound like I have a crush on Red Bull LOL

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