Prep Your Food – It’s The Adult Thing To Do

In this case, food prep means that you have chosen your seasonings, chopped all the vegetables, and even chosen your food serving platters all before you begin cooking. Honestly, it also extends to making sure the dishes are washed and all counters are cleared. That’s not a requirement but it’s the right thing to doContinue reading “Prep Your Food – It’s The Adult Thing To Do”

Light and Fluffy Jalapeño Sauce (YUM!)

What do you do when you have 6 jalapeños and you want to use them all at once? You make Jalapeño Sauce! Yeah, I sure did! It was ready in about 15 minutes. And, more importantly: It was delicious! It’s full of flavor, not too spicy AT ALL.. and, dare I say, this sauce isContinue reading “Light and Fluffy Jalapeño Sauce (YUM!)”