Infinite and tangible information that answers questions of life itself is what dramatically matters. Especially when talking about topics that really matter.

Start here: Think about an object – say, the human body – and then turn on your x-ray vision and look at the cells.

Then go deeper than the cells – imagine the atoms that make it what it is.

Use words for your imagination if it’s hard to picture 🙂 Although if you’re reading this then I’m sure you didn’t need that suggestion!

We all learned and agree : an atom has a proton, neutron, and an electron.

The proton and neutron is amazing because they are the balanced energy that needs to be present for all life to exist.

And then we have that jolt of energy called an electron that starts everything up.

That, my dear reader, is what makes up you and me and everything else on this Planet Earth.

Now, don’t underestimate the solo electron! There is so much power in that baby that it literally creates life.

For another example, think of the atom bomb. Split the right atom and there will be enough power to blow up an island!

Human atoms have a lot of power, too. At the very least, an entire body is powered by human atoms.

While still very small, atoms can go smaller.

To the nucleus!

Actually, not to the nucleus because it will block you out. You can’t get in there and you can’t get rid of it either.

A nucleus:

  • Cannot drown
  • Cannot burn down
  • It cannot freeze to death
  • It cannot die

Our bodies are made of millions of atoms with nuclei that cannot die.


So now when I learned all this, my next question was “What happens to the energy when we die?”

That question is interesting and I’m not going to answer it because there is no answer. That’s for you to decide. Some will see themselves in a heaven with infinite dairy-free ice cream.

I don’t know what your fate will be. There are too many pseudo scientists ready to debate it down the road of “nothing happens” and to them I’d like to say “okay enjoy the bleak fate of your energy.”

One thing I will say without a doubt is that a working relationship with your energy can be found in what you spend a majority of your time doing.

Everyone has a purpose on Earth.

If that’s too controversial, we can all agree that there are things that we like to do in life.

We gotta balance that with the demands of living in this world such as keeping the lights on.

But if you’re realistic at all, you’ll know it is just not natural that some people starve because they’re not able to spend money in FOOD.

Seriously, food literally grows from the Earth but we have to pay for it to live.

Sure the farmers do do all of the hard work.

And yes, growing a garden is super Important.

But as it stands right now we have to balance what we enjoy with what we have to do.

The true balance in this world is something most people don’t get to experience:

It’s having success in following your calling. Successfully following your heart while also having success while living in the matrix.

I’m not talking about the manager of a McDonald’s or even an owner because they still have to come into work a lot.

This is about the innovativor, the inventor!

The Genius who lives life how he wants to because not many people have the grounds to question the choices that person has made.

That sort of following your heart is the ultimate success because when that person follows their heart and instincts, they’re the strongest Stars among us.

Owning that power leads to other types of power that you will be able to handle.

You gotta be able to hold a charge.

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