Of course we all have greatness inside of us.

We have moments that we feel like we’re winning.

Ever feel like you’re on top of the world? Standing on the globe as if everything heavy is beneath you – nothing but space and air on top of and around you.

Feel the lightness of space.

We stand, or sit, or lie, on top of the world every day of our lives.

How many don’t think about or realize it?

It’s a lot going on in life and sometimes there’s just no time to bask in, or even consider, how great you are.

Getting the opportunity to do what makes you feel great is truly an honor. I, personally, do appreciate it.

What is greatness, tho? It’s way more than confidence. Greatness is:

  • How much consistency and effort was put in and,
  • How your great contribution is received.

A lot of great people don’t know they’re great because they disregard their small victories.

Getting a child ready for school every morning is a super great action, especially when there’s more than one child and they have have to go to school 5 out of every 7 days.

There are millions of everyday examples that could be an Easy Light Source for anyone who needed it – if only you recognized what was going on.

When we stand on the Earth, our vantage points let us see around us.

Get lighter and you can go higher – and see more.

Look down & you’ll understand what life is about. And if you look up you can see places that many people don’t get to be.

If you want to get there, the answer is generating enough charge to propel yourself to where you’d like to be.

A personal note? I find that to be the ultimate hope for… Everything.

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