So here we go. As a lifelong plant-based gal, I’ve never had meat jerky before. Nope. Not even a Slim Jim.

When I get the “I want something meaty” craving, I’ll probably eat something like a veggie burger straight with no bread or whatever. Vegan jerky definitely has its appeals.

I was at a vegan festival and received this vegan jerky as a free sample. At first the man behind the table was only going to give me one to try but when I told him I do reviews on my website, he loosened up and gave me both!

And I’m so glad he did. Because these 2 Primal Strips gave me 2 vastly different experiences.

One – the Hickory Smoked flavor- was made with soy protein as the number one ingredient.

The other flavor – Mesquite Lime – was made with vital wheat gluten as (in the form of seitan) as the main ingredient.

I have to say, soy is the best protein for this type of product.

The Hickory Smoked Primal Strip had a pleasantly chewy mouth feel. It was meaty and satisfying. The flavor, too, was really pleasant. It was sweet and smoky. I really enjoyed this.

The only thing that would prevent me from buying this one again would be the three different types of soy used to produce this.

Now moving onto the Mesquite Lime flavor, I have to say that I don’t really like it.

The flavor does have a slight tang. It could be okay.
But, it’s not the flavor that’s so unpleasant, it’s more the texture.

Actually, it’s all about the texture.

I don’t use the word “cardboard-y” very often but that’s the first that came to my mind when I attempted to chew this.

It’s fibrous and chewy. It’s like, the more you chew it, the more it stays the same. It does not disintegrate. It’s like Mesquite flavored gum almost!

In conclusion: soy jerky is good. Seitan jerky is not good.

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