Okay I have a confession to make: lots of this article was written days ago. But it didn’t feel complete.

Maybe it wasnt complete until I had a personal story to share. An example of my own gracefulness.

And I do! This picture:

On this perfect day, I was hanging out, laying in the grass, and talking with 2 of the most amazing people that I know. What a privilege!

And then, it was time to go in. So I stand up and I’m like, “you guys, want to take a selfie?” I open the camera phone.

Neither of these special people want to take a selfie with me! Tf?

So here’s where I had some grace.

If I were insecure I think I’d say nevermind, close the phone, and feel slighted.

BUT. I had grace!

I said, okay I’ll take it by myself. A true self-ie.

I set the 3 second timer, dropped the phone into the grass, and took an amazing picture!

I still love both of those people but I’m actually really glad they didn’t want to take a pic with me because there is no way it would have been as amazing as my solo picture is 🙂


Moving on –

A graceful presence is often felt before it is recognized. That’s because this positive energy is expressed in a variety of ways.

Treating yourself gracefully is an ultimate form of self-love, kindness, and care. Don’t underestimate the power of grace!

Often times, grace is related to religion. Thanks, in part, to the song Amazing Grace. That’s ironic as that particular song has first person lyrics that don’t resonate with self-respect.

The grace I’m referring to has nothing to do with religious vibrations. Nothing at all. If you’re holding on to that, let it go, ok?

If anything, I guess this is about grace as a behavior.

Grace presents itself in many different forms :

  • It’s a form of kindness
  • Grace is an action
  • Grace is understanding
  • Solid Grace can be extended to others.

In the face of unfortunate situations, Grace will allow you to:

  • Save face
  • Calm others
  • Rise into leadership (when applicable)

Handling Ourselves With Grace

The best way to treat ourselves is with TLC – Tender Loving Care.

Grace is a gift you give yourself when you love yourself.

Generating gracefully energy produces the gift of good energy that comes back to you.

Love is a guitar of energy in our lives. Along with kindness, joy, and laughter – grace is a string that can create a beautiful melody.

The difference with a love guitar is that a sour note can never be played – every combination is harmonious.

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