First things first.

No, this bar will not give you super powers of super healing abilities. In the heat of an emergency, ThisBar will remain a mere snack food.

On the bright side, having one of these during a snack emergency would be a pleasant experience.

The name of this food refers to the company’s goal of making a charitable donation per purchase.

I picked up both of these at my safe spot – 7-Eleven.

They both looked really good, honesty. Kinda healthy, kinda conscious of the world around us. And the flavors are my favorites – Blueberry/pistachio and cherry/dark chocolate.

The flavors did not disappoint me. Actually, it exceeded my expectations.

First, let’s go over the cherry and dark chocolate flavor.

It was yummy but sweeter than expected. Actually, I’d almost say it was too sweet for me.

I guess I expected the dark chocolate to give it some characteristic bitterness but it was none of that. It was like milk chocolate.

What you can’t see in the picture is that the bar has a coating of chocolate along the bottom of it. That’s good too!

It was pleasantly juicy too. There were real cherries in it and I liked it!

As good as it was, I think I prefer the Blueberry Pistachio flavor.

The whole thing tasted like it was sweetened with blueberry juice! I loved it so much.

When it comes down to it, I did like the Blueberry over the cherry.

The only complaint I have about the Blueberry bar is that it didn’t stay together that well. It was crunchy but still loosely textured.

Bottom line is that these bars are good and worth buying. Their save the world goal also adds to the appeal. Although, honestly, I’d still buy even if they were as selfish as every other company. Lol.

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