Stress Management is important.

However I feel like that topic has been well exhausted. In my words, anyway.

So this may be my last post directed to stress relief. At least for a while. Unless some major breakthrough occurs.

Or, of course, if anyone reading wants to talk more about this with me specifically – Find me. Send me an email. Tell me about your specific challenge. I will always listen. I know what it is like to feel like no one will listen or care. I will listen. And I’m sorry to anyone who I have not been able to listen to. I don’t always reach out but if I am that important to you than please find me.


So. Unity and stress management.

Many mistake Unity to be a force between people. That’s incorrect.

Unity not only refers to people.

Unity is any two forces coming together.

Here, since I’m talking about you (and me…but… You) the unity would refer to a person and a object/energy.

Now, let’s take it to an extreme and say that you are a drug user. A not a casual drug user, you’re the one with an addictive personality and you’ve decided to go and smoke meth.

So now you’ve unified not just with the physical drug but also with the world of dealers and scoring drugs.

This is a stressful activity to indulge in. You can get arrested if you happen to score from a undercover cop. Or you can score a bad batch of drugs and mess up your life unintentionally.

And then you can also have the stress of not being able to pay your bills because you spent all your cash on drugs.

And so on. You’ve unified, and become addicted to, the world of meth.


Now if you know me at all, you’ll know that I think drugs are okay in moderation. I don’t advertise it because I’m a role model. But I would be irresponsible If I didn’t stress the fact that, more than anything, balance should be the goal in life. Balance with everything, the bad habits too.

Lasting stress management is what we want. We want our stress relief to be so ingrained that it’s not special anymore. We don’t even want to think about it anymore. We want to take a stress-free life for granted.

But not tooooo far for granted because it’s still a blessing that should be appreciated as such.

Lasting stress relief is found in a balanced life.

Sure, some stress is healthy but we’re talking about the unhealthy kind.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

I don’t have anything else to say! I told you I was exhausted on this subject. Lol.

I guess the last thing I must mention is the responsibility of life. Something that’s hard to escape from or “balance” your way out of.

Here it is: always have something that you can turn to that makes you feel young again. That’ll make all the difference in the world. .❤️

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