It sounds so sad – a broken heart. A key organ, symbolically broken. To be healed, hopefully.

If not healed then the sadness may consume you. That’s the way it goes when someone dies of a broken heart.

Love is not the only thing that can break a heart. It’s anything that you put your heart into that doesn’t work out.

Perhaps love is the only broken heart that can result in an extreme result like death. After all, love, being the strongest frequency, can have the strongest result as well.

At the root of a broken heart is desire… minus hope. Hope is lost that you’ll get what you wanted but… You still want it anyway.

That’s a particular form of torture, if you ask me.

The easy advice would be to stop putting your heart into things. Stop having desire(!) But that’s not practical.

In a way, we can’t help putting our heart into things.

Desire is largely an uncontrollable phenomenon.

Assuming that all of the above is true, the hard part is moving forward with your desires shattered but still a vision.

There are other things that go with a broken heart – loneliness, disappointment… I don’t really want to go into those things.

Instead of going deeper into what hurts, it’s better to search for the optimistic angle in this. Because there is always light in a tunnel.

What is the bright side in feeling broken hearted?

Well for starters, you can always start over. A fresh start can mean a lot.

More than that, I’ll go back to the advice that states: always find the winning angle.

Also, in the future, broken hearts can be avoided slightly.

How? By reducing your desire.

Hell yeah that’s easier said than done. I know it is. I know.

I also know that it can be done.

Not projecting your desires too far ahead will solve a lot of this.
Thinking about what things are right now versus what they could be also will keep you real.

Keep. Your. Head. Up.

Just like Tupac said.

It is exhausting to over think. It’s exhausting to hurt. It’s exhausting to yearn.

Give your mind a break.

Sleeping is nice. That is, until you wake up again thinking about the same heartbreak.

Someone needs to hear this:

You need to become stronger.

To end this article on heartbreak, I’ll give generic advice that’s nonetheless accurate, true, and comforting:

A broken heart is something that most people experience. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll be okay. Take your ego out of it. Move on. Don’t let them see you cry. The night is darkest before dawn.

There is always hope.

I’m finding it challenging to end this without giving something personal to you guys.

I’ve gotten my heart broken. Someone I had a lot of positive feelings for broke up with me. Their reason was that they didn’t think I liked them. I guess being affectionate isn’t my strong suit.

They were wrong tho. I liked them a lot. But my tears didn’t change their decision.

Later on, and then later on again, they tried to come back to me. Wanted to start more sparks, I guess.

But I don’t get over people making me cry very easily.

After they broke up with me, and after I cried about it, I began realizing certain things that wouldn’t have made me happy if we had stayed together.

It still hurt to see that person. I avoided them for a while. But now, years later, it doesn’t even matter.

Pain goes away in time.

The best advice I can give: find something productive to channel your painful energy into. Don’t spend all your time binge watching a show. Do something, create something. Alchemy.

Okay, that’s all folks. Peace and love.

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