Cool new snacks really get me excited.

I saw 5 bags of new crisps at 7-Eleven and I was beyond excited!

Out of the 5, only two were dairy-free. Thank goodness for that because they were also 3.79 a bag.

I was excited to try these! I’m not particularly fond of rice snacks but the addition of chickpeas and sweet potatoes made me think that they’d be hearty and satisfying.

Well, I was right somewhat.

First, though. The appearance. These crisps are beautiful.

I don’t even think I’ve called a food beautiful other than this.

But I don’t think anyone would deny the attractiveness of these babies.

I’d frame it if I could!

Yes we eat with our eyes first. But second comes the taste buds.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to some of these snacks.

What I mean is this:

These are good but they’d be even better with some SALTY FLAVOR. They need salt.

Now, granted – these would pair well with a salsa or dip but these are not tortilla chips. There is nothing to indicate that they’d need something to accompany them.

Right out of the bag, these need some salt.

I’ll be fair, okay. I do like salt. Sometimes I even salt my food before tasting it. Bad habit, yes.

But facts are facts. These crisps will be eaten without a doubt. I’m gonna try a way to add salt and shake it around.

Other than that salt rant, the flavor of these is good. I can taste the sweet potato and it’s really delicious.

I’d definitely buy these again!

Now, I have one more flavor to try. Let’s see how they are 🙂

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