Although sweet and spicy is (arguably) the best flavor combination there is out there, I’m going to create a little suspense on these Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS chips.

First, you know, just because sweet and spicy usually does taste good, that’s no guarantee that RAP SNACKS has gotten the formula right. They could have made them too sweet or too spicy.

It really is about achieving a perfect balance.

And yeah, okay, RAP SNACKS has created other perfectly yummy and delicious chip options (non-dairy, too!) But let’s not assume that all of their chips are just as good. We have to taste them first.

My taste buds require a certain amount of flavor punch to feel satisfied. Time and time again, my chip reviews say that some random chip needs more salt, or needs salsa.

But, this is not about those lackluster disappointments, this is about Fetty Wap’s RAP SNACKS.

So, how do these Honey Jalapeño’s satisfy?


I give it a 10 out of 10!!!!

These chips are soooo good. Perfectly seasoned. The sweetness is in perfect balance with the spicy heat.

But it’s not just regular run of the mill heat, these actually do have the jalapeño flavor too.

They’re soo good.

I could easily polish off an entire bag by myself, in one sitting.

RAP SNACKS are so damn addictive, and the ingredients are pretty good too. Not too much sugar, actual honey in the ingredients. I could go on and on.

And, I’m so happy they have a fair amount of flavors without dairy. I don’t feel left out at all when I can’t get the popcorn because I have yummy chips to choose from.


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