You know what’s news to me? That standard gum has plastic as a gum base!

Plastic, who knew.

The way that GLEE gum advertises being plastic-free gives a vibe that plastic is a very popular gum ingredient.

So, gum.

Gum is best known as a breath freshener. It also gives your mouth something to do.

But gum is also not the best thing to put in your mouth when you’re hungry. It’ll make you even more hungry after a while!

But that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s talk about GLEE gum some more!

GLEE gum is also aspartame-free.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is made of chemicals that does yucky things to your insides and causes an imbalance.

I was at the Whole Foods register when I saw these and I added it to the cart.

GLEE gum considers itself to be genuine chewing gum.

I don’t really know what that means. But I guess something like Chiclets. These are pretty familiar.

Square gum with a hard shell.

This was peppermint flavored.

The peppermint flavor was good but it didn’t last long.

As in, about 20 minutes later it’s time for a new piece.

Even though natural peppermint flavor is listed in the ingredients, I have a feeling that peppermint essential oil would have a more lasting impact.

Overall, this was good for a somewhat natural gum. Legendary Khalifah liked it; he even blew some bubbles with it.

Would I buy again? For Legendary, yes I would. But for me I’d probably do something more mainstream. I like to be punched in the face with peppermint flavor. This is more like a feather lightly brushing against my taste buds 🙂

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