What would it be like to live in a place where food doesn’t matter?

For one, I think it would be more peaceful and happy. No one would be dying of starvation. And, we wouldn’t have to stress about food labels and cancer-causing ingredients.

What a fantasy!

What real is this: our lives are ruled by food in one way or another. Having enough money to buy food for ourselves and others is the driving force behind the 40-hour work week.

Of course, there are other lifestyle goals but buying food to eat is never optional.

Yes, food is important.

It gives us energy to stay alive, and heal us. We have to have a relationship with it.

Now that we’ve established that food is important to everyone, all walks of life, let’s make a segue into the mindsets of all of these people who eat food.

We’re not all heathy, whether in our minds or bodies.

Even Easy Light Sources was bred out of the necessity to dissolve depression and anxiety.

Food is one of the original Light Sources because “when you eat better, you feel better.”

Food has the capacity to be medicine. The right foods, the healthy ones, can make our health discomforts much more tolerable, if not prevent them completely. Of course not everything but problems like constipation definitely can be cured by eating the right kind of Earth Foods.

Eating To Feel Better is best applied to physical problems solved by healthy foods.

MENTAL problems, on this other hand, can also be absolved by healthy eating. That’s actually a catalyst for this whole business, Easy Light Sources. I noticed that when I wasn’t eating the best, my mental health was also not the best. It takes work and self awareness to draw these conclusions.

What’s easier? Developing a relationship with foods where, when you feel bad, you eat things that make you feel better.

If you haven’t made the connection between healthy foods and a healthy mind then your decisions will be made for you by the food industry.


By falling into the trap of sugary foods and carbs that release “feel good” chemicals into your brain.

(Research it until I add a link in here. Thanks!)

Seriously, it does happen.

Something else that develops with Eating To Feel Better is possibly a disordered relationship with foods.

I don’t like to call it an eating disorder because that’s pretty clinical and too many people will become defensive at the suggestion that they have an eating disorder.

With the words reversed, disordered eating, we can recognize the unhealthy things that we do with food without making it a personality trait.

My disordered eating trend is very common – binge eating.

Not only do I eat too much sometimes, this tendency is usually sparked when I’m feeling sad or hopeless in some way.

And, you know, sometimes I’m just GREEDY.

That does not make it better.

In those cases, eating doesn’t even really make me feel better but I do it any way because maybe.. idk. I’m starting to feel like I’m talking about myself too much.

I guess what this article is attempting to do is spark awareness into the how and why of why you’re Eating To Feel Better:

  • Are you getting rid of hunger pangs?
  • Is your goal to give your body vitamins and minerals?
  • Are you sad and cookies make you feel better?
  • Have you given up on self control and stopped giving a damn?
  • Or, you know, did you just want a snack and you stopped at one serving size?

It is worth it to know ourselves and be aware of the “why.” Then, we will take it from there.

I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface but maybe it really is that simple?

If there is a part 2, it will be linked here.

As always, and I don’t say this enough: thank you for reading!

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