Frozen pops are a mainstay for a hot summer day.

Usually, the big packs are colorful offerings to hot and thirsty children. They love them! It’s almost like frozen Lifesavers – out of all the different colors and flavors, people usually have their go-to favorite.

I was always more of a pineapple girl for everything – ice pops, Lifesavers, and even gummy bears. I don’t eat them any more though…

Nowadays, especially because I have a son who will eat 10 ice pops in 10 minutes, I read every ingredient in these things. High Fructose Corn Syrup is an automatic no, as is the artificial dyes.

So, in short, the ones I usually like usual come with 10 or less in a package. It’s okay.

Anyway, unless it’s naturally sweetened with fruit juice, there is guaranteed to be high amounts of sugar in all frozen refreshments.

That is, unless you eat a pickle pop!

What is a pickle pop? Well, it’s not a frozen pickle! It’s an ice pop that is flavored like a dill pickle.

The first 3 ingredients are water, vinegar, and salt.

Unfortunately, there is no actual dill herb in these but that’s okay. The flavor really comes through.

As you can imagine, someone who doesn’t like pickles would not enjoy these pops.

Me? I like pickles and I find these pops to be very refreshing.

Flavor wise, a little goes a long way.

I wouldn’t drink an entire glass of pickle juice in one sitting. Similarly, I didn’t eat an entire pop in one sitting.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t finish the pop that I had from this morning. Not yet. I will, though.

The package mentions being good for athletes, and I’m not sure where those claims are substantiated (there are no added vitamins or minerals) but hey, why not? They probably are more hydrating than the ones with too much sugar.

A six-pack of these pickle pops were about $3 or $4. I’m okay with that.

Overall, yes, I recommend these for anyone who enjoys snacks off of the beaten path.

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