Rhythm SuperFoods has a good reputation when it comes to tasty non-dairy snacks. Some may even call them healthy snacks. I would.

Granted, I’ve only had 2 snacks from their brand. The Kale chips are definitely a crowd favorite -the crowd being each and every one of my taste buds. The only complaint I usually have with these offerings is that the price is a tad bit high for a serving size. But, price is mattering less and less to me as of lately.

Anyway, carrot sticks!

Being the most optimistic, it’s a super healthy offering. Dried carrots, dusted with seasoning. Not a lot of extra fluff.

Actually no fluff at all – these were pretty crunchy. I’d say more crunchy than expected. But then again, I was expecting crispy ribbons. These are curly but still sticks.

That is the only picture I captured because I was really all in this small bag. Me, being extra hungry and mostly vegan, I couldn’t get enough.

Yea, I finished the bag rather quickly.

I guess that means I enjoyed them. The re-purchase likelihood is pretty small, though.

I wasn’t crazy about the texture but more than that, I wasn’t crazy about the flavor.

Yes, the flavor disappointed me. I honestly thought they’d be heavily seasoned like the Kale chips are. But they’re not. The ranch seasoning is a light dusting that does not touch every carrot stick.

But, the bright side is that the carrot flavor is allowed to shine and shine it does.

The sweetness that carrots have is a nice flavor.

But the ranch part that was advertised? Lack luster.

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