Rarely, if ever, is there absolute completion.

Even video games can still be fun after 100% is done.

But sometimes you feel satisfied and that’s pretty nice too.

I feel that way about a 2-video conversation tr hat I had on YouTube last night. Combined with these 3 website posts (which were all written the same weekend, 3 days in a row!) :




I feel satisfied with all of these messages about energy and source energy .

Here is the shorter of the two videos. Skip to 2:20 to hear the actual message in the title:

I’m aware that this is largely driven by self-service but I’d be wrong to act like I’m not providing quality information.

There are no lies here and especially on my website. THIS WEBSITE! 🙂 I take a lot of pride in the fact that I tell the truth with my online communications.

That’s part of the responsibility of representing the higher power while living my life purpose.

It’s different for all of us! There are so many life purposes!

I created Easy Light Sources because I’ve seen first hand some of the things that can darken our world. So I try to provide some easy sources of light that can lighten up your world.

Easy. Light. Sources.

The four main light sources are :
Earth Foods, Kindness, Fitness, and Meditation. Anyone can do these and now that I’ve reached a point of completion, perhaps it’s time to return to the roots of this organization. Build more on the foundation.

I’m so happy and excited and I get a little scared when I think about being fully proud of what I have created.

But, you know, Easy Light Sources is awesome and no one in the heavens or Earth can tell me anything different 🖤🖤🖤

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