In theory, it’s pretty easy to eat enough fruits and veggies. The way to do it is to eat a fruit or veggie at every meal. These should be as less processed as possible for maximum nutrients. If these fruits and veggies composed 50% of your meals, you would be good to go.

Go where? Anywhere! With good health, life opens up in feel-good ways.

The hard part of eating enough fruits and veggies is getting some at every meal. Sometimes, they’re just not available. Sometimes, they cost too much. Sometimes, you don’t feel like preparing them. Sometimes, you just want something unhealthy.

Your will power here is paramount and imperative if you really want to be healthy.

Sometimes it seems like the advice is always “just do it.” It is, in a way. But I think what’s missing in the “just make healthy choices” advice is the optimism.

You won’t always have to always force yourself to eat healthy.

As long as you are making your best effort to eat healthy foods, your body will soon be back into it’s natural state of being in good health.

Another optimistic note is that the more you eat healthy things, the less you will actually want the unhealthy foods.

Or, you know, your body will not want the unhealthy things. Avoid sugar long enough (about a week) and when you eat a sugary candy or soda, your body will feel bad. Bad as in, you’ll say “no thank you” when you’re offered some again.

That’s the way it works. When you neglect something bad, next time it comes around it will be easier to recognize it as something bad.

But, this post was about eating enough fruits and vegetables.

I guess, you just have to choose it. Make the choice to eat more Earth foods.

It’s never too late.

Instead of thinking about it as eating vegetables, think of it as loving yourself. You’re showing yourself love when you choose to eat something with vitamins and fiber.

A lack of love is easy to see when you’re eating something that you know is bad for you. It’s not all your fault because the foods are addictive. Sugary foods and greasy foods are addictive, no doubt. But what you must do is choose to show yourself love.

Balance also has a lot to do with it. When you eat something unhealthy, don’t use that as an excuse to eat tons and tons of it. Instead, get back on track.

Realistically, we can all eat enough fruits and vegetables. Money willing, we can eat all of our favorites, too!

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