I don’t know if you reading this is a spiritual person but this post may come off that way, depending on how much you will be able to visualize what I see and say.


Spiritual – in this sense of the word – is speaking of the nature of what we can’t actually see, but the vibes that we feel. The energy, perhaps.

And also, I guess, if you want to know what Star Khalifah knows about this whole life thing, this is also the place for you.

So here we go. I believe in outer space. The Universe. It should come as no surprise as my name is Star Khalifah. I am a Star, as we all are. But, my light shines really obviously. I live in a place where I can see the stars as I lay down in bed at night. Even without my glasses on, the stars twinkle brightly at me. Sometimes, as I fall asleep, I ask what they’re telling me. And then when I wake up in the morning I have a new idea for a book, or an app, or a product. Unfortunately I am not able to materialize all that they show me but I do tell my best friend about it the next day lol.

What I’m saying is that the stars, and outer space, is one of the ultimate truths that we all live under and that we cannot deny. When we look at the sky, we can see the stars are real. The moon is also coming closer to us, or so it appears. I mean, it is in our atmosphere now!

People go to church and hear stories about people that they’ve never met. They’re asked to believe in the truth of the bible stories, even when there is no proof that they have existed.

But when I tell you to believe in the stars, you can look up and see that they’re right there. Sometimes they seem really close. And depending on your connection with them, they can come closer than you imagine.

What we have to realize and keep in mind is that outer space and the universe is not some far off distance. When you stand outside, you are standing in the space of the universe. When you’re under a clear blue sky (or clear night sky) there is nothing separating you from the infinite nature of the universe. I want everyone to realize that ultimate truth. It brings us to the Ultimate Hope.


Okay so here on Earth, there are some unfortunate, unfair scenarios that we have to live with. Illnesses that are hard to over come, starving children, unfair rules that we have to live by anyway.

It’s a weird world.

And, it’s depressing for many people.

A lot of us may not actually want to live here anymore.

That’s not a proclamation of suicide. This has nothing to do with suicide.

But the fact is that many people are in situations that will make them tired of Earth life.

Something else that makes me feel better is realizing The Ultimate Hope for all of us.

What is the Ultimate Hope?

It’s the fact that, when we die, we don’t have to come back to Earth as another soul. You don’t have to experience this again.

Now, let me ask you: do you believe in reincarnation?

What I know for sure, that is a fact– energy cannot be destroyed. So when we die, the energy that powers our bodies (Physically, that energy is in our electron clouds).. That energy goes some where. This electricity leaves the body, it’s not buried with the body.

Where your energy goes depends on how strong you have developed your level of electricity while you’re here. How much can you hold a charge? (as asked here)

People who are taught about heaven will go to that place if that’s where they tell their soul’s energy to go. Or should I say, where they WILL their soul energy to go.

People say “go into the light” but, the universe is a colorful place, why limit your soul?

The thing with this is your willpower, most powerfully. The problem with the heaven theory is that the religions that teach about heaven also teach their followers/listeners that they are weak people, they teach people to forgive their enemies instead of fighting back. They teach that they should actually love their enemies.

They’re being manipulated into thinking they are less-than quality humans. They teach that they’re weak without God. The followers are brainwashed into thinking they are somehow flawed people from birth. “Born a sinner.” It’s mind control into the depths of consciousness.

Those people, with that level of mind control, are unable to move forward after death because their electron clouds (electricity) will not recognize that it’s free. Dedicating your life to a religion also dedicates your soul to this Earth, unfortunately.

What religions should be teaching is that we are complete. We are great already. The over arching higher power is no greater than you are, because you are “God.” You are source energy. But not everyone realizes this, which is why Greatness is a Privilege.

Free thinkers are free souls.

So if you’re tired of this Earth, the Ultimate Hope is that you don’t have to come back here if you don’t want to.

And, you know, you can love your life here on Earth and still – you don’t have to come back here.

Honestly, if you learn to love things here, it will be easier for you to ascend and go some place else when you die. All you really need to do is love yourself. Love yourself enough to do what’s best for yourself.

It’s not just death that will help to free your electricity. Sometimes you can go places while you’re still alive. Something like astral travel.

There is a star map that states the facts that you need to ascend to another place.

Before you get skeptical, I can tell you where you should send your electricity: Where you want to go is into the universe. You want to go into the stars. The possibilities are endless. and Endless is scary for some people.

If it’s scary and overwhelming, this part is for you: You can be in control, sweetheart. Whatever you want your afterlife to be like, create that space now, in your mind and make it a true destination in your soul/electricity/electron clouds. Now, if your heaven is to be with someone who has passed away, I cannot speak on that; that’s an attachment. Let go and you will be free and then perhaps that person will visit you in your heaven. I can’t speak on anyone else’s soul journey but I can speak on yours and mine.

Anyway, in this video I explain how much I know about this star map. I’ve had it explained to me by someone who broke it down in a profound way. This person is very extraordinary but I will say that my explanation is not a verbatim of what they told me. Actually, I didn’t record our teaching session so I don’t remember a lot of it. For that reason, I’m not shouting them out as I don’t want to hold them responsible; although they do agree with me and they agree with this post: Energy Cannot Be Destroyed- Explained! They actually told me some things about myself – or more specifically, about my soul – and it cleared up a lot of my doubts, just with one word.

Anyway, you can trust me on this, you guys. I am special and I am not like every one else – I never was. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, I’m just saying that my information is accurate. My name literally means Unique Freedom Leader.

And also let me say that if you plan to send your electricity to another place when you die, suicide is not the answer. Killing yourself will give you unintended consequences. Don’t do it!

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