Yoga Benefits That Are Not About Physical Flexibility


Yoga has 2 reputations.

To practitioners, we know yoga to be a challenging yet infinitely rewarding experience. Yoga can and will help you sort out all the knots in your life – physically and emotionally and whatever else is keeping you feeling tight. Steady & accurate practice of yoga is a demonstration of meditation. We know meditating has infinite benefits to our mind and overall mental health.

To people who are familiar with yoga on a surface level, yoga can appear as little more than fancy, somewhat excessive and sometimes sexual (CUE EYE ROLL) ways to position the body.

This article here is speaking to everyone. As an on and off practitioner of yoga, I understand the benefits on a mental and physical level. Physically, I do have a spinal disorder – scoliosis. I call it a disorder because if my spine was in order, the shape would be the standard vertical. Instead, it’s a S-shape with some spinal twisty rotation thrown in. Lucky for me, I’ve come to embrace my curves!

Practicing yoga does help to strengthen my physical body and alleviate some pain that I experience from sitting or standing or driving too long.

There is a deep respect for people who practice #YogaEveryDamnDay. It’s not easy to do but, like everything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Yoga is one of those things that when you push yourself to do it, you end up thanking yourself for it in the long run.

And that’s the beauty of yoga that I see and feel so apparently.

The beauty of yoga has nothing to do with the flexibility that is remarked on by the appearance of the practice.

The beauty of yoga comes from the ultimate benefits gained – discipline and strength. In a way, flexibility is incorporated into this as true strength had the ability to adapt to many situations.

Physical strength is a no-brainer. It takes serious muscle power to do handstands. It takes neck and spinal strength to do headstands. It takes mental strength to hold any of the yoga positions, even the most popular downward dog.

Mental strength cannot be over stated because you can hurt yourself if you happen to lose focus.

The inherent meditative practice that is so ingrained in yoga makes mental strength an almost unconscious feat.

That’s why yogi’s are known to be peace loving, easy going, and calm. Their minds are clear. In a way, practicing yoga is mental health maintenance.

Discipline also increases mental fortitude, increases self-respect, and kills stress as a result.

It takes discipline to be strong and to be strong, you must have discipline. Mental strength and physical strength. They are both strengthened by different forms of discipline.

Okay you guys, I guess that’s its for the moment.

Yoga is strength and a genderless practice. There are also other ways to become stronger, if you so need it. Becoming a stronger person is a reoccurring goal that’ll never expire and it will always serve you. Being strong is not the same as being hard as nails. I’ll even tell you a secret: some people become hard as nails because they think it will make them strong. Locking away your emotions does take a form of strength but unless you can also find time to be soft and gentle then you’re at a disadvantage. Show love, always, to the ones you love. If nothing else, always show love to yourself in the form of grace and understanding.

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