We went to the beach today! And did a lot more 🙂

We got home not too long ago and it’s super late so I’ll give a quick rundown of what went down…

First thing – we went to 7-Eleven for snacks – I got an energy drink and macadamia nuts!

During the 65minute ride to Norfolk we listened to an 80’s musical playlist that was pretty bomb.

We arrived at Conscious Planet (!) right on time and Brother Eturnal dropped some knowledge on the boys and myself.

My travel buddies today were Legendary Khalifah age 7 and Herbie age 12. They’re great children and big blessings!

We had some super tasty food at Conscious Planet too and it was vegan! Smoothies, tacos for the boys and plantains for me! They were perfect!We hung around there for a little while and I also picked up some incense, organic toothpaste, and Herbie got a hat!After we exited, we headed to Buckroe Beach.


Words cannot express the clear joy I felt dancing around in the sand. I find that the beach is one of those places that anyone can feel comfortable being themself.We had a ton of fun! I even laid down in the water and got sand in my hair and it was all good.

We stayed there almost 3 hours. Then we went to taco bell. Everything we got was on the value menu! I got spicy potato tacos. Then we got drinks at another 7-Eleven that was across the street.

By this time, the sun is going down. But we had 2 more stops to make!

Herbie’s sister was in town in Newport News and my Aunt Norris was 7 minutes from his sister so we went to visit our family! I felt very blessed.

Herbie’s sister gave him a lemon cupcake and a video game.

And then at my aunts house, she gave me some family photos, books, and food! The sweetest grapes ever, a freshly made veggie dish, and I refilled my stainless steel water bottle.

These special people had very short notice that we were coming by and they welcomed us with open arms! We are so blessed.

And then we stopped at walmart on the way home for cereal and milk (cinnamon chex and vanilla almond milk) and a few other things.

All in all, it was a perfect day and to top it off, the stars are the brightest ever.


I want to go back to the beach lol SOON

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