Judging people based on physical appearance is not fair. Everyone agrees. But of course people do it anyway.

An “appearance” has a lot of points of reference. Today we’re talking about judging people based on their…


Shoes are important to most people.

Some people do wear the same shoes every day – some people just don’t really care about shoes.

To the ones who do care about shoes, a lot can be determined by what other people have on.

When someone likes your shoes they think favorably about you. They’ll feel like y’all have something in common.

Even feelings of trust can be inspired when someone likes your choice of shoes.

It’s deeper than just shallow admiration – I think that they see you as a reflection of themselves. The good parts of themselves. The stylish parts.

Inside, they may be thinking “Okay, this person has good taste in shoes. They probably make good decisions.”

Now, is this fair? Is it accurate? Of course not, not really.

Just because someone has nice shoes does not mean that they have life figured out.

You may have more in common with that person, though. For example, someone who collects expensive sneakers definitely has things in common with someone who has the same type of collection.

Maybe their life and backgrounds are different, but they’re current priorities seems to be the same. They choose to save their money to spend in the same industry.

Shoe collection is part of a lifestyle.

If you don’t take shoes that seriously then your ties to people (based on their appearance) probably won’t go that deep.

I don’t necessarily think that it’s smart to immediately trust someone based on the shoes that they wear.

At the same time, using shoes as the general appearance to judge someone off of is not altogether incorrect.

Someone who takes care of their shoes may also take care of other aspects of their life too.

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