Heyy This post has to begin with a huge shout-out to Brother Obar for taking me and the boys out for a fun adventurous day along the James River!

Knowing it was a big day ahead of us, I made sure we started the day with the important task of getting snacks from 7-Eleven! I got some cookies and peanuts, bananas and Rap Snacks (Cardi-B flavor!) and there was also a “any size coffee for $1”. Most importantly we made sure to grab some bottles of water. DeerPark was on sale 2/$2 and everyone got some water. It still wasn’t enough either!

Word of Advice: If you’re going to be outdoors, buy more water than you think you’ll need!

So after that we headed to Surry County for surprise! The only hint was we were going near the water.

And when we got there we found out that we were going on a ferry ride!

The boys had never been on a ferry ride before and me not for years so this was super special! After driving on we got out of our cars and stood near the gate to watch the Pocahontas leave the dock.

When we got to the other side we saw some Jamestown stuff when as we drove through a couple miles to another 7-Eleven for fuel and healthy snacks!

And then, we caught the Ferry back to the other dock.

After that trip, we drove through the county and ended up at a You-Pick-It place called College Farms.

It was a huge farm! Growing was watermelons, corn, and blueberries! There was also some baby corn plants growing that Bro. Obar informed would be turned into a corn maze in the fall! Awesome!

We picked some blueberries. Two containers actually!

And then we had blueberry pie afterward! It was so delicious and fresh and not too sweet. And there were cool birds in the eating area. They were making bird music and it was a wonderful soundtrack as we ate!

And then Herbie had the idea to make blueberry tea with the leaves so he went and got some!

Next up was the family beach! We took the scenic route which took us through a Plantation State Park.

Yes, a State Park that was a plantation established in 1793. It was really amazing to see and beautiful but more importantly it was very pleasant to see it from a historical perspective.

I’m not history buff but the lay out as we drove through gave us the vision to see where our enslaved ancestors of this plantation had their homes laid out – with a house about every 2-3 acres we drove past. And people cutting grass. And HUGE trees that were likely to be there when the enslaved people resided there and worked all that land! Hard working people handled the entire thing with their hands and simple tools. Most of us today would not be able to carry that kind of work today and so let’s show respect to that. I have to take a moment here to state clearly:

Reparations to the DESCENDANTS OF Blacks and Africans who were enslaved is due.


However, as the businesses that were established during that time may not have had slaves in your face, they received a significant advantage of time while my people were enslaved (if for no other reason than the fact that they didn’t have much competition for a simple business – looking at you Vanderbilt Family).

So yeah, if those descendants of old money and heritage can still benefit from what their ancestors did than Black Africans (Americans) who come from those who are enslaved, should be allowed the same money and heritage from the hard work of our ancestors.

Also, don’t trust anyone who say that Africa should have to pay reparations!!

Thanks for reading!! Easy Light Sources, LLC in favor of Reparations for the descendants of enslaved Africans!

Okay now that being said, the beach was a very fitting place to head to after this! I was feeling a little tired and was thinking about an energy drink but we went to the beach first and I’m so glad that we did! When it came down to it, getting into the water healed my energy and I felt rejuvenated after getting in and dunking my hair in too! It was soooo refeshing.

I had on a dress with bikini bottoms on but no one knew about the bikini bottoms because I kept the dress 100% on. Yes I got my clothes wet, just like when we went to Buckroe Beach. But this time the dress was made of cotton and it didn’t dry as fast but it’s all good.

I even found a clam, which we ate. Sorry! For some reason I was super like OMG when I found it and I had to hold it in my dress when I went to show Bro. Obar…. I feel a little guilty because the clam was just chillin in the river and then I picked it and we ate it.

But, it was sooooo delicious! It tasted like the ocean in my mouth. It was perfect TBH.

And then after that Herbie and Heru swam around some more. I started standing up in the water to give my dress some time to dry…

When it was time to go, I fussed at the boys a little bit because they kept getting sandy after they rinsed off! LOL! Sand alllllll in the car but what else is new haha.

And then we went to Taco Bell and a seafood place and then it was time to head home and we stopped and got some fresh corn along the way!

Overall, it was a perfect and wonderful day!!

Happy July Energy!!

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