So, I’m feeling like the new wave may be these caffeine waters!

I like energy drinks. They’re not all created equal- mostly due to the fact that there is usually too much sugar. Or a lot of non-sugar sweeteners added in. It’s actually pretty unpleasant sometimes, especially in the summer.

When it’s hot outside, we’re already mostly dehydrated. Then carbonated beverages are not hydrating and sugar pulls moisture from the body.

The fact that caffeine water doesn’t have sugar makes it more refreshing. In my opinion.

But the fact that its sparkling takes away the water content in the body.

I’ve been liking these caffeine waters (especially with a few drops of added agave nectar).

Sometimes, they even do give a boost of energy. It’s smooth energy because there is no sugar high or crash.

So, if you’re trying to be healthy, these are an okay option.

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