Caffeine in a gelatin-free gel? Sure, I’ll give it a try.

You ever felt sleepy you were cross-eyed?? That was me. I really need to get some sleep. Lol.

But, I’m far from home and still have to drive a couple of hours today.

It’s been a lot of activity this week!

I’m exhausted.

The place I’m at right now has coffee brewing but I’m cutting back on drip coffee due to its high acidity level.

Lucky, I got some interesting caffeine gels at walmart yesterday. They were $1 each in two flavors – Mocha and Strawberry.

The miligrams of my second favorite stimulant are super low in these – 25mg is the strawberry flavor. That’s about 1/4 of a normal cup of coffee.

It seemed like this neat little gel pack would either boost me up or let me down.

The taste was sweet, syrupy sweet. Which is understandable when the ingredients include cane syrup. And maltodextrin.

The texture was fun actually!

It was like a thick gel that was like candy almost. It was a real treat, almost like a liquid lollipop.

I dont really like sweet stuff too heavy but this was really yummy. It was very sweet but the saving grace was the small size was satisfying!

It was thick textured and did not taste like strawberry at all but that was fine.

I likeeedddddd ittttt but what about the energy?!

I never thought 25mg of caffeine would do anything for me but I WAS WRONG.

First, ok, I believe this energy gel to be intended for working out performance. But I was sleepy and needed to take down a tent. So I ate it.

The energy I got was super smooooooooth. I didnt even notice it.

What I did notice was how I felt more alert about 5 minutes after eating the gel.

And the 25 milligrams sustained me for like 2 hours I think. It was really cool.

Next up there is a mocha flavor with 50mg of caffeine and my name all over it 😉

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