The best 50mg of caffeine I’ve ever had 😉

Hey! So yesterday afternoon, I had this strawberry energy gel shot.

$1 at Wal-Mart.

I saved the mocha flavor for last because I like coffee the best! And I wanted to know what it tasted like while it was chilled.

Well, I apologize in advance for the last of anticipation of this post. The caffeine is kicking in and just have to tell you how I feel about this gel:


Man, this little pack is so tasty! Oh my goodness.

Before we get into the taste, the energy part is what is most important and, you guys, it’s very potent. 50mg really kicks in fast and it’s smooth energy but I am typing fast and feeling hype!

There is a friendly reminder on the back to drink water after eating this and thanks for that reminder 🙂

While you’re looking at that pic, check out the ingredients. Organic stuff, including organic cocoa!

Just as cocoa is listed before the coffee in the ingredients, that’s also how it hits the taste buds!


This is like a thick chocolate syrup. It’s SUCH a treat. Ya’ll. I loved this stuff!!!!! Good thing I only had one pack because I would have eaten two and then that would have been tooo much caffeine.

I was skeptical about the 50mg but it is the perfect amount! Just how the 25mg in the strawberry flavor was also a well balanced amount.

While I don’t normally rate my snack reviews, I give this a 11 out of 10!!

The only complaint I’d have is that there is not enough actual coffee flavor. But otherwise this is perfection.

Also, thanks to CLIF for including this Litter Leash to help keep everything neat and easy.

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