Speaking words of encouragement is more than just “you can do it” type of conversation. Those words are great when it comes to doing things but it’s deeper than that, too.

The most meaningful and do-able words of encouragement are the ones what encourage positive energy to breed and multiply.

So we can say, “It’s good to see you” and energy will be built that makes someone feel as though they add value to the lives of others. That is positive feelings and energy.

While usually we talk about how we interact with the world around us, the world inside of us also needs that same tender loving care.

If anything, the world we permanently reside in – our mind, body, and spirit – would need the most words of encouragement.

Speaking these words come easily in a lot of ways. But, they also come from a place of strength sometimes. When it is up to you to be THE SOURCE of positive energy (for others and for yourself) it takes strength to come out of neutral and uplift everyone else in a meaningful way.

It’s not that hard, when you’re in a healthy and peaceful default state.

And also, you know, this responsibility is not something that is usually always on a person. A healthy society shares this responsibility by uplifting each other as a community with positive interactions and good energy.

Sometimes, though, a person can just feel tired. Tired of a lot – tired of everything. In these times of limited energy output- perhaps it’s would be wise to save your positive energy for yourself. In your mind, in your thoughts, and with your behavior, use it to feed yourself words and actions that encourage more positive life experiences.

Positive self-talk is a running lesson that I try to instill into Legendary Khalifah. I tell him specifically “Don’t say things that you don’t want to come true.”

He has picked up some negative energy from a family member that we work through. Luckily, he recognizes it. And also he has the advantage of being young. Doing inner work now will make it less of a challenge as he gets older.

The best way would be to raise a child who doesnt have negative thoughts at all. But as this world is, everyone living will have challenges that they will have to overcome sooner or later.

The plus side is that things are changing, energy is evolving into more positive energy. Mass amounts of people are more aware of the spiritual control that they have within themselves instead of giving it away to others who will likely misguide them for one reason or another.

Anyway, the final message for this article is what I tell my son every time I hear him saying something pessimistic:

“Don’t say things that you don’t want to come true.”

If nothing else, following these simple words will encourage the general energy to go towards positive conclusions.

Peace & Love!

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